• Respawn Entertainment earlier said that no new "Titanfall" game is in development this year
  • EA said that a new "Titanfall" game is not off the table
  • A new leak revealed that "Titanfall 3" is in development 

Respawn Entertainment is reportedly developing the heavily rumored game “Titanfall 3” while the alleged seven new characters arriving in “Apex Legends” are recently outed.

Reliable industry insider and “Apex Legends” leaker Biast12 recently spilled the beans on the major projects Respawn Entertainment is reportedly working on. The first set of detail is about the much-awaited “Titanfall 3,” which according to the insider is real and currently being developed at Respawn Entertainment’s studio. The insider’s Twitter account is not set to private but the internet always makes sure that it has a copy, which is available via ResetEra.

In a follow-up tweet, Biast12 claimed that his tweet was deleted because the tweet that he quoted was removed. He further stated that he stands by his words that “Titanfall 3” is in development. The tipster’s information about “Titanfall 3” was backed by Brazilian streamer and industry insider TheNeon_Beast.

According to him, the game is “for real” and suggested that other leakers would back up his claim. Unfortunately, the insider’s tweet is no longer available. Earlier, EA sounded doubtful if “Titanfall 3” would ever happen.

Titanfall Assault
Respawn has announced “Titanfall: Assault,” its new attempt at bringing the “Titanfall” series to the mobile platform.

Respawn Entertainment also said that no new “Titanfall” game is in development this year. A new “Titanfall” title was supposedly in development last year and was even mentioned by Respawn and EA several times. Unfortunately, that never materialized into anything.

Aside from the leaking about “Titanfall 3,” the insider also shared about the Legends that would be reportedly added to “Apex Legends” over the seven upcoming seasons. For Season 7, players will receive Valk: Offensive, Season 8 will see Blisk: Recon while Season 9 will see Ash: Offensive. Meanwhile Horizon: Offensive, Fuse: Offensive, Firebug: Recon and Husaria: Offensive are coming on Seasons 10, 11, 12 and 13, respectively.

As far as the “Apex Legends” leak is concerned, some fans are doubtful that all seven characters were already planned in advance. The leak also revealed even the minute details, which is approximately a couple of years’ worth of content. Since these are unconfirmed and unofficial, it is recommended to take these details about “Titanfall 3” and “Apex Legends” with a pinch of salt.