Hollywood is whipping out the Spanx for the 2013 Oscars presentation this Sunday. Hundreds of celebrities are sashaying down the runway to celebrate the event, but, as can happen with live television, there have been a few slipups.

Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in a light pink Dior gown, but the red carpet wasn’t exactly easy for the “Silver Linings Playbook” star.

The 22-year-old actress met with E! News correspondent Ryan Seacrest for a little Q-and-A session. Their meeting began fairly typically: “You look stunning,” “Love your hair,” and “Who are you wearing?” But things went awry when Lawrence went to stick her hand in E! News’ signature Mani Cam.

Celebrities on the red carpet typically dip their freshly manicured hands into the so-called Mani Cam, which is basically a box that highlights their delicate fingers and dazzling jewelry.

A fan Twitter page, Betty F---ing White, hilariously joked about the Mani Cam: “Too bad Edward Scissorhands didn't come out this year. #ManiCam #Oscars”

The quirky Mani Cam is a favorite on the red carpet, but Hollywood’s current “It” girl and her fans missed out on the experience.

Just as Lawrence was about to enter her hand into the box, it went black.

The flub sent Twitter abuzz, inciting hundreds of Twitter users to post about the mishap.

One tweeter wrote, “We still love you, #JenniferLawrence, even though you shunned the #manicam.”

Another quoted the actress after the failed escapade: "’I can't do it.’ -j Lawrence on the #manicam love it. #OscarRedCarpet”

@requestcool was confused about what happened, writing: “Jennifer Lawrence broke the #manicam ????? #Oscars”

“Someone's getting fired. @RyanSeacrest is not happy the #manicam was not plugged in for Jennifer Lawrence. #oscars,” @DarrenBGarrett, commenting on the E! News correspondent’s supposed mood.

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