The same day she started her new job as a blogger for Coupon Cabin, Kate Gosselin sported a fresh face, leaving fans wondering if the 36-year-old mother of eight had a facelift.

In a video promo for Coupon Cabin, Gosselin was featured on her first day as a blogger for the deal Web site on Tuesday, with a new eye shape and a chiseled jaw line. According to US Weekly, it wasn't just a day of rest that helped Gosselin look so fresh-faced.

She's consumed with her appearance, an anonymous source told US Weekly.

Gosselin, the star of now-cancelled TLC reality show Kate Plus 8, has gone under the knife before. The mother of twins and sextuplets reportedly had a tummy tuck in 2007 and breast implants in 2009 along with Botox injections she gave herself in June, resulting in unnatural eyebrow arches.

The source said that Gosselin goes tanning three times each week to keep a youthful appearance, as well.

The latest photos of her first day at work Tuesday giving money saving clips to blog reader sparked the rumors that she had the facelift, sporting drastic changes since the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 first aired in 2005.

Gosselin's first blog post, Black Friday: My Tips for Saving Money (And Sanity!) highlights ways to penny pinch during the holiday shopping season online, which she prefers over going into crowded stores.

Now it's time for me to seriously get to work, she wrote. Yes, work writing blog posts is a part of that, but every mother knows that preparing for Thanksgiving, and then the incredible job of buying gifts (without breaking the bank) for a family is a huge job.

Gosselin first announced her writing gig with Coupon Cabin earlier in November.

No matter how much money you have, it's just smart to use coupons, she told E! in early November. It's like free money in your pocket.

Clearly the extra money in her pocket was allegedly used to go under the knife, as Gosselin reportedly made $5.25 million in 2011 for two 21-episode seasons of her show Kate Plus 8, which was cancelled in August, along with royalties she receives from books she penned and airing of re-runs.

However, Kate Gosselin and her eight children gobble up a large portion of her income, spending $500,000 per year alone for the two housekeepers, two nannies, a personal assistant and one bodyguard she hired while the show was filming.