Microsoft is not releasing the highly anticipated Surface Phone. Reuters/Brian Snyder

It looks like Microsoft may have abandoned its plans of releasing the heavily rumored Surface Phone device. Microsoft’s vice president Panos Panay recently had an interview in which he revealed that the company won’t be releasing such a device.

During Panay’s recent interview with Wired, he was asked about Microsoft’s roadmap for future hardware releases. He did not directly answer the question, but he did tease about more advanced technologies that could change the way consumers interact and use gadgets and devices.

“This is the classic question of tell me what your future roadmap is. I can’t right now. But I can tell you this: The idea that we can move between modes of touch, pen, voice, using your eyes, motion. The idea that we can see more, hear more when we’re interacting — form factors continue to evolve, continue to change. There’s a pretty exciting future in front of us, for sure,” Panay said.

When asked further if Microsoft’s plans include the release of a Surface Phone, Panay laughed before shutting down the idea of such a device being released. “Well … I wouldn’t say it includes a Surface Phone, I think you have to think about where is that unmet need when you’re thinking about your product; when you’re thinking about your roadmap, your line-up,” Panay said.

“Of course, we’re always inventing; of course, we’re thinking about the new form factors. It doesn’t include a Surface Phone, but it includes the way to think about what is that people want to accomplish and how they’re going to accomplish it and what are those form factors,” he added.

For years, there have been ongoing buzz about a Windows-powered Surface Phone. A document leaked earlier this month even hinted at a smartphone-like device that is in the works at the company. The Verge also previously claimed that Microsoft has been working on a mysterious Surface device that’s codenamed Andromeda.

Patently Apple has also uncovered several patents made by Microsoft describing what appears to be a mobile device that has dual displays. The phone is said to have a folding mechanism, leading some to speculate that the Surface Phone could be a smartphone that can be converted into a tablet when folded out.

Given Panay’s latest statements, it’s clear that Microsoft might not be releasing a Surface Phone device. However, the company seems to be focused on delivering a non-traditional mobile phone experience. Hence, consumers shouldn’t expect something that embraces classic and modern smartphone designs and form factors.