The Real
Is “The Real” on the verge of cancellation? FOX

There have been rumors claiming that “The Real” is suffering after Tamar Braxton was laid off from the show. It turns out there’s no truth to the claims. In fact, the show has seen a 13 percent increase in ratings this season, according to BET.

Even though there is no direct relation between Braxton’s exit and the show’s ratings increase, it is worth noting that the increase was compared to the ratings of the show last season, which still included the singer as a co-host. The ratings also somewhat answer fans’ cries on Twitter about the show being boring after the “Love and War” singer left.

Prior to the ratings being released, Tamera Mowry-Housely, who is one of the remaining co-hosts of the daytime talk show, had already refuted the rumors. Answering a fan’s question on Instagram, the former teen star said there was no truth to claims that nobody is watching their show anymore. Mowry-Housely also said that the show is far from getting canceled.

Mowry-Housely’s statements come after fans shared their dismay over the show’s direction. There were some who said they missed hearing Braxton’s commentaries, while others were disappointed that the former co-host’s departure was not addressed on the show.

Braxton’s exit from the show was rather controversial because the singer was blindsided, according to her. In an interview with Steve Harvey, Braxton said she had no idea that a decision to lay her off has already been made. She recounted the moment she learned she was fired, saying her husband, music producer Vincent Herbert, called one of the show’s producers and was told right then that she will no longer return to the show. The singer said they were not given any reason as to why she was being fired.

Despite all the drama, fans of “The Real” can continue enjoying the show on weekdays, 11 a.m. ET on Fox.