Mobile phone New Delhi
File photo of a man checking his mobile phone near a marketplace in New Delhi. Reuters

Americans are increasingly using computer and mobile screens to consume television content, a trend that includes everyone from young people to older viewers. Nielsen’s second-quarter cross platform report, released Monday, indicates the amount of time adults spent in front of the TV declined by 2 percent while the amount of time spent viewing on either a computer, phone or tablet rose 3.8 percent.

Digital viewing has skyrocketed by 53 percent among viewers 18 to 34 years old to 35 minutes each day. The average audience member 35 to 49 jumped 80 percent to 26 minutes each day. Kids ages 12 to 17 spend the least amount of time watching television, about 2 hours and 43 minutes a day.

“Overall time spent with media content has increased,” the report said. “While traditional television viewing is down, especially among younger viewers, overall media consumption is up and growing, driven by an impressive growth in digital video viewing.”

The shift has also led to an increased amount of time in front of the screen, with the average adult spending 1 hour, 25 minutes a day on their smartphones in the second quarter, a jump from the average 48 minutes spent in the first months of the year.