• Developers said a new "Dino Crisis" title was already being pitched to Capcom
  • Capcom Japan, however, didn't want it
  • Developers already spent six months on the shot down "Dino Crisis" reboot

Capcom is home to a host of popular titles across the years. Some of these titles include the long-running fighting franchise “Street Fighter,” the popular survival horror franchise “Resident Evil” and more. “Street Fighter” continues to see new entries coming from time to time. “Resident Evil” also saw new entries and remakes such as “Resident Evil 2 Remake,” with more coming soon.

While Capcom has been busy churning out titles for these and other franchises, one particular franchise that hasn't seen any entry for a long time now includes “Dino Crisis,” a survival horror title that puts players in the shoes of S.O.R.T. Agent Regina (and others) as they fight against dinosaurs. A report says a new entry would've arrived, but Capcom shot it down while in development.

Shot down

According to Liam Robertson, a person who shares behind-the-scenes details about games in history, some developers working in Capcom Vancouver tried to work on a new “Dino Crisis” title but Capcom Japan didn't want it. Robertson said he got this information, and more, when he talked to developers who worked for the company before it was closed.

In a new YouTube video where he largely talked about the “Dead Rising” franchise, Robertson said Capcom Vancouver wanted to work on several other titles that included a few interesting games had they not been cancelled by Capcom Japan.

One of these titles included a revival of “Dino Crisis,” with a new game for modern hardware. Robertson didn't give any details regarding the game, but said the developers pitched it to Capcom, and had already worked on it for a few months before the higher ups cancelled it:

“This endeavor never advanced beyond the pitching phase, being shot down by Capcom Japan after a few months of work. Developers believe that they were unwilling to make the significant investment in new technology that the project would've required.”

This new “Dino Crisis” game could've been the game that many of the franchise's fans waited for.

Other titles

Robertson added that Capcom Vancouver also pitched other titles, but Capcom Japan didn't want any of them. These included a “Resident Evil X, which would've been an action-driven spinoff from the “Resident Evil” franchise, a new “Onimusha” game and another side-scrolling tite using the “Megaman” IP.

Capcom Reuters/Brendan McDermid