• A remake of the 2005 hit video game "Resident Evil 4" is reportedly in the works
  • Capcom just released the "Resident Evil 3 Remake" earlier this April
  • The remake of "Resident Evil 4" has allegedly been given a 2022 release window

Less than two weeks after the release of “Resident Evil 3,” Capcom is reportedly working on the reimagining of the sequel of the game.

According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, a remake of “Resident Evil 4” is in the works and has been given a release window in 2022. Per VGC sources, the development of the game “has now entered full production.”

The development is reportedly led by a new Osaka-based firm M-Two, which was founded by Tatsuya Minami who produced “Resident Evil” 91996) and “Resident Evil Zero” (2002). Minami is said to be preparing for the project since 2018.

Original game director Shinji Mikami also gave his blessings for the remake of “Resident Evil 4.” However, he declined to lead the project and instead just gave a piece of informal advice on what direction the remake should take – raising hopes that it will remain faithful to the original.

Capcom is also expected to lend its resources in the development of the game, much like what it did with the “Resident Evil 3 Remake.”

“Resident Evil 4” is the sixth installment in the series and is often dubbed as the best game of the franchise. It is also one of Capcom’s best-selling games of all-time, which makes the decision for a remake rather unsurprising.

It remains to be seen what changes and improvements will be made in the game, especially since it is certain many fans will be critical of it given its popularity. Besides, while it has been remastered and ported several times in the past, it will be the first time “Resident Evil 4” will be given a full remake.

Interestingly, this development comes after Capcom rolled out a survey earlier this April to determine the interest of fans for a new remake. While they didn’t specifically mention what title would be remade, fans were quick to speculate that it would either be “Resident Evil: Code Veronica” or “Resident Evil 4.”

If the remake of “Resident Evil 4” proves to be true, it means there would be two new Resident Evil games until 2022. After all, it has been rumored that Capcom is working on “Resident Evil 8” which is slated to be released in 2021.

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A new "Resident Evil" title is coming soon. Resident Evil/Facebook