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Entrepreneurship can be daunting, but the profits are more rewarding when done correctly. The founder of She's Making an Impact, Rachel Ngom, has changed the game for female entrepreneurs. Nonprofit organizations seem like the most effective way to make a change for the greater good, but she has a more rewarding approach.

Rachel Ngom
Rachel Ngom Rachel Ngom

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Ngom received her masters in social work but struggled to find a job. After years of struggling, she and her husband ended up on food stamps. She knew she had to figure out a way to make money while making a change she believed was necessary. She invested in herself and began understanding how to brand herself on social media. Something she would've never expected to grow into a six-figure income so quickly.

Shortly after, she and her husband moved to France, where they purchased horses. Shortly thereafter, land in both the U.S. and Senegal. The move was where she initially learned to have several forms of income because only some things are promised. Ngom didn't stop there; she learned how to network and sell courses on Pinterest and other social media branding. She had a steady flow of income coming from this, yet she was still looking for ways to do more.

How Her Entrepreneurship Does More

She and her husband purchased a one-way ticket to Senegal, along with their children. Unlike a nonprofit organization that doesn't create steady jobs for those they support, she found the secret to the best of both worlds.

The wife-husband combo bought cars, fixed them up, and began renting them to generate a monthly cash flow. Now with a fleet of vehicles, she has a business that rents out cars while employing people in that area. Additionally, having launched a chicken coop, one which will produce over 75,000 eggs each month, was not only presenting itself as another source of income, it was creating livable wage jobs for those working on the farm, much better jobs than those in the area were able to get.

"That has been one of the coolest things... Nonprofits are great, and we have one, but through entrepreneurship, you can really change the world by providing jobs and different opportunities for them," said Ngom.

When Ngom founded She's Making an Impact, she wanted to educate other female entrepreneurs to find ways to do better for themselves and others just as she did. These entrepreneurs are purpose-driven and, with their companies, are making a difference while creating a lasting future of wealth for families.

Unlike creating a nonprofit to bring in resources to help those through donations, Ngom realized that creating long-lasting businesses can be done anywhere. With this model, she isn't just secluded to making a difference in Senegal; she can do the same thing in other places that are resourceful and make an impact on surrounding communities.

Making Smart Decisions

One of Ngom's goals with her message is to continuously invest in new and exciting ways and make a long-lasting change in their life. She wants her clients to think outside the box and be resourceful. Her two superpowers are in staying consistent and focused. Consistency was how she never gave up on herself and was always leveling up to do more. By staying focused, Ngom may have been able to reach all her goals to live a comfortable life.

"I am always thinking about leveling up," she said. "How can I get to the next level? And once I'm there, how do I get to the next level?"

These are all the things Ngom wants to share with others looking for a change. She wants to make sure others are learning to be intentional with every move—one of her main ideals in her life. Being intentional with every decision is how you can create that dream life for yourself and your family.

Diversifying Your Income

Ngom believes that creating diverse forms of income is the best way to set up long-lasting, generational wealth. Similar to what she did when she was starting, she utilized every opportunity that came her way and she made it rewarding.

Just as Ngom did with her rental car company, she is looking into ways to use the business model for future endeavors. Her family owns an equestrian property with horses, and through the lens of her son and his love for baseball, she is even looking at ways to make that property something special for her son and utilize the land for more than just horses.

Even with multiple forms of income, Ngom is finding ways to use one to invest even more. That way, she never feels defeated if something doesn't work out, and more importantly, she isn't feeling burnout by the same thing.

About Rachel Ngom

Rachel Ngom is the founder of She's Making an Impact, where she is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs create multiple income streams, financial freedom, and generational wealth that will serve their families without sacrificing what matters most. She offers guidance to anyone on their entrepreneurial journey to scale without burnout with her online courses, coaching, and the She's Making an Impact podcast, all while working just 20 hours each week. In January of 2023, she is launching a new course, Success Without Stress. For more information, or to make an impact with her, please visit