“Doctor Who” had plenty of shocking moments in Sunday’s episode, but perhaps the best-kept surprise was John Barrowman’s return. The actor took to Instagram to thank his fans for the warm response after Season 12, episode 5 aired.

“We couldn’t tell you what was going on. It was such a big surprise, and the reaction online has been truly overwhelming,” Barrowman said in a video. “I’m so glad that you are all surprised and all loving the return of Captain Jack. Let’s hope there’s more. You never know.”

Captain Jack Harkness hasn’t been seen on “Doctor Who” since David Tennant signed off as the Time Lord in January 2010, but that changed when he came with a grave warning for the Doctor last night. He said to watch out for the lone Cyberman and not to give it what it wants. He also said that he’ll be there for the Doctor when she needs him most, hinting that he might come back again this season.

Barrowman told RadioTimes that he had to lie about why he was in Cardiff, Wales, where “Doctor Who” films, for a couple weeks. He claimed that he was renovating his property there, and then ultimately decided that he had to actually renovate in order to maintain the façade.

If he was there long enough to redecorate, it seems like Jack will be in more than just the sequence that fans saw on BBC America on Sunday—but don’t expect Barrowman to let anything leak.

“You can read into it all you want, but I’m not saying a thing,” he said.

The actor has never forgotten about Jack Harkness. He played the time agent in “Torchwood” until 2011 and then reprised the role in various radio dramas over the years. Plus, Barrowman has always been honest at fan conventions about his desire to put on the RAF coat again.

Though he hasn’t been in the TARDIS recently, Barrowman has stayed in the nerd zeitgeist over the years. He played the villainous Malcolm Merlyn on the CW’s DC Comics shows, including “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

Though it has been a long time since audiences have seen Jack Harkness, it isn’t surprising that he’d come back now. Chris Chibnall started his tenure as “Doctor Who” showrunner last season. Chibnall also was a writer and co-producer on the first two seasons of “Torchwood,” the Harkness-focused spinoff.

“Doctor Who” Season 12 airs Sundays on BBC America.

Captain Jack Harkness
John Barrowman is pictured as Captain Jack Harkness in "Torchwood." He also appears on "Doctor Who." BBC Worldwide