Apple's Siri - an intelligent voice-activated software for the iPhone 4S - is undoubtedly taking the market by storm. The software is a good one but how does the Android OS' personal assistant work? According to various polls, Android's assistant app - Speaktoit bears positive comparisons with Siri.

Voice-activated command apps are not anything new; Android has long-since offered similar functionalities on its devices. However, the focus has come to rest squarely on Siri.

Speaktoit vs. Siri

The debate over Operating Systems - iOS 5 or Android - has always been at the center of many discussions; particularly when one compare available apps, their functionalities and their ease of use.

Speaktoit allows the Android user to speak in an unaccented voice, while Siri seems to prefer and understand U.S. English. The Android app is cleverly designed with a personality, a face and human-like voice... something that Siri doesn't really have.

In addition, users can customize Speaktoit's avatar, starting from its gender, to complexion, hair style and other facial features. In fact, users can even decide what clothes his/her avatar wears. None of these features are available with Siri.

Like Siri, the Speaktoit app sends posts to Facebook and Twitter, sends emails and texts, forecasts weather, calls people, takes notes, adds things to your calendar, translates foreign languages, looks up information, checks traffic flow and does a whole lot more. It is, functionally, Siri's equal. However, it loses ground due to its minimalist look and Siri's stylish interface.

The Speaktoit app is still in beta version and is not as advanced as Siri. However, it remains the best alternative to Apple's product and, with a few tweaks here and there, Android users must be confident of it beating Siri.

Check out the video below to learn more about the differences between Siri and Speaktoit.