Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games
An 8-year-old was recently involved in a "Hunger Games" style attack after being hit by a rogue arrow on a school field trip. Lionsgate

Grab your bow and arrow, because a "Hunger Games"-style reality show is coming to a television near you, thanks to the CW.

The network is working on their own version of the best-selling Suzanne Collins trilogy -- without using the actual name. The show will be called “The Hunt,” and will be a mix of the insanely popular movie and “Survivor,” according to

Twelve contestants are going to be dropped off in the middle of the wild without food or shelter. They are then expected to “capture” each other once they are divided into two teams.

It’s currently not clear what CW means when they say “capture,” but one hopes the contestants won’t be using real bows and arrows or sledgehammers to bludgeon each other to death.

The CW wrote about the coming reality show, as quoted by The Inquisitr:

"'The Hunt’ is an intense wilderness competition taking place over one month, as 12 teams of two are provided no food, water, or shelter, but must compete in a game where they’ll rely on their physicality, survival skills, and hunting skills to endure their conditions, capture one another, and ultimately win a huge cash prize.”

It is not yet known when the show will premiere, but it’s expected to air on CW some time next year.

There hasn’t been any word whether the Hollywood “Hunger Games” actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth or Josh Hutcherson will appear on the show.

The creators of the “The Hunt” must have failed to recognize the irony of creating a reality series off of a book that criticizes our culture for its fascination with reality television. It’s either that, or they just don’t care and want to make as much money as possible.

No one associated with the "Hunger Games" books or movies has commented on the reality show inspired by the trilogy.