Maria Menounos
Maria Menounos, alongside her "Extra" co-host Mario Lopez, sported a Giants bikini in New York after losing a bet over Super Bowl weekend. Boxden

Maria Menounos is known for having one of the best and fittest bodies on Dancing with the Stars. So how is it possible that she follows an ice cream diet?

InTouch Weekly reported that Menounos told the weekly publication that every night after Dancing with the Stars she goes home, takes a bath and eats a Snickers ice cream bar.

I'm always eating and drinking juices and stuff because I want to stay healthy and keep my weight at the same place, the 33-year-old said.

Of course, the intense training and dancing she does for ABC's Dancing with the Stars helps to keep the Extra! TV host in shape.

Although an ice cream diet sounds truly heavenly, Maria Menounos kept her figure fit with intense workouts even before joining Dancing with the Stars and pairing up with veteran Derek Hough.

Menounos trains with pro Andrea Orbeck and keeps herself motivated throughout the intense sessions with rocking music.

I listen to high-energy music, like Pitbull. It gets me fired up, Menounos told Us Weekly.

If you want to get a body like Maria Menounos' for the summer, Us Weekly mapped out a four week plan of her work regimen (ice cream diet not included).

During the first week, focus on cardio with three sessions per week. During the second week, polymoetrics come into play before a combined workout during the third week. The fourth week consists of two long cardio sessions to sweat out the last bit of water weight.

Click here for the detailed workout plan.

Maria Menounos has said that she has seen noticeable changes in her body since starting Dancing with the Stars, particularly more visible toning in her legs.

However, despite her unbelievable shape, the brunette beauty insists she has never resorted to extreme dieting.

I've always had a really good relationship with my body. Even when I was heavier, I was like, 'Whatever!' There are boys that appreciate a big a--, she told InTouch Weekly.

There is such thing as an ice cream diet. The Ice Cream Diet by Holly McCord details how you can lose weight even with a daily fix of the sweet, frosted treat. McCord claims that research shows eating foods containing calcium, like ice cream, can facilitate weight lost and can also produce other healthy effects in the body, according to Diets in Review. McCord's plan allows you to eat ice cream each day in moderation while on the 1500-calorie-per-day, high-calcium diet. McCord recommends low-fat ice cream that has 125 or fewer calories per half-cup serving.

Can't complain about that.