A man “was in shock” after a dog bit him in the leg and groin during a morning run in Swansea, Wales, on Sunday.

William Stares, 46, said he was running with his friends near a playing field when he saw some dogs playing with their owners.

Recalling the incident, Stares said, "I run about 30-40k a week and all the time I come across several dogs where some will occasionally jump up which is fine. However, this time I noticed the four dogs sprinting towards us.”

Suddenly, one of the dogs jumped on him and latched onto his groin.

"One of the dogs then latched onto my hip/groin area. I looked down and I could see that I had a puncture wound in my calf and groin. I was in shock, the dog was growling, I couldn't believe what had happened,” he said.

"I have two wounds, I was wearing three layers of clothing and the dog still managed to get through that. If I wasn't wearing the layers then it could have been a lot worse. I'm a 6'3 man, I'm not scared of dogs, I was brought up around dogs and I'm quite an adventurous guy but it's sad now that when I go out I have to now be increasingly wary of dogs. I don't know how I am going to react now if a dog tries to jump up,” Stares added.

Urging pet owners to keep their dogs under control, he said, “If it was a child then the dog would have been at head level and it could have been much worse. I just think that dogs shouldn't be off their leads unless the owners have full control of them."

Confirming the incident, a South Wales Police spokesperson said, "We received reports of a man being bitten by a dog in the playing fields which was reported to us on Sept 1. Enquiries are ongoing."