As opportunities for expansion at home become harder for mid-size companies wanting to grow, the opportunities to expand abroad are robust. But expanding across borders isn't always easy -- particularly for small to mid-sized companies that don't always have the resources and knowledge.

The aspiration to grow internationally requires understanding and use of resources including technology, content, local knowledge, and a multitude of business resources. For U.S. companies wanting to grow globally, shared learning and collaboration is key.

Small to medium-sized businesses can learn through face-to-face connection, sharing and education to learn the best and most prudent steps to take to expand and prosper in the global market place. HSBC bank, for instance, has launched Business without Borders, a knowledge exchange opportunity.

International markets offer incredible growth opportunities for many U.S. businesses, but we know from our experience with small to large businesses that expansion across borders can be challenging unless you have the support of an experienced guide, said Mark Watkinson, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC -- North America.

BUSINESS without BORDERS is our effort to provide that critical business guidance by encouraging open information exchange and providing companies access to the business intelligence, counsel and contacts needed to help them succeed in new markets.

Among the knowledge network live events planned for 2011 and early 2012:

-- Doing Business in Latin America scheduled for Oct. 11 in Miami and Oct. 13 in New York City

-- A global economic forecast session scheduled for Dec. 1 in Los Angeles largely based on HSBC Global Research's The World in 2050 report

-- A breakfast series in early 2012 in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit featuring select editors as keynote speakers. w markets.

Anyone interesting in BUSINESS without BORDERS can visit

Among the keys to doing business internationally is learning about specific laws, regulations and customs in different countries, while also finding contacts to help solve those challenges with clear understandings of U.S. business needs.