President Donald Trump launched a tirade of attacks toward Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar during his rally in Duluth, Minnesota, late Wednesday, with his supporters breaking into a “lock her up” chant. He began the assault by claiming that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would turn Minnesota into a “refugee camp.”

"Another massive issue for Minnesota is the election of Joe Biden’s plan to inundate your state with a historic flood of refugees," Trump told rally goers at Duluth International Airport. "Congratulations, Minnesota. Congratulations..."

Minnesota has one of the highest Somali populations in the country. Omar came to the United States as a child refugee from Somalia, becoming a citizen in 2000.

The Trump administration has announced it would let in a maximum of only 15,000 refugees in the 2021 fiscal year. Biden has called for a minimum of 95,000 refugees annually, with the Obama administration allowing nearly 85,000 refugees to come in during the 2016 fiscal year.

"What is going on with Omar?" Trump continued. "I’ve been reading these reports for two years about how corrupt and crooked she is. Let’s get with it. Let’s get with it."

The crowd then burst into “lock her up” chants, a phrase also used during the 2016 presidential election toward Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump was citing a deceptive video released by conservative activist James O’Keefe, which falsely claims that Omar’s campaign had collected ballots illegally.

"This white supremacist thinks Somali refugees are worthless, this is why he cannot accept that a district that is 2/3 white can elect a Somali refugee," Omar tweeted in response to Trump. "Let this sink in: not only are refugees welcome in Minnesota, but 78% of my district sent this refugee to Congress."

Trump had attacked Omar at another rally in late September. “She’s telling us how to run our country. How did you do where you came from? How’s your country doing? She’s going to tell us — she’s telling us how to run our country,” Trump told supporters in Pennsylvania, referring to Omar’s Somali background.

"Not only is he a racist, but he's a racist xenophobic. Because he's not against immigration, he's just against immigrants who look like me,” Omar told CNN after Trump’s remarks in Pennsylvania.

Omar, a progessive, was elected to the House in 2018. She belongs to “The Squad,” a group of four young minority congresswomen known for their liberal views.