Donald Trump speaks during the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits on April 10, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee. On Wednesday, Trump's financial disclosure form was made public. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pulled in more than $1 million dollars for his speaking engagements last year, according to new financial documents revealed Wednesday. Trump gave the country a look at his net worth when the Federal Election Commission released a 92-page financial disclosure form filed last week by the candidate, whose net worth has been called into question repeatedly during his campaign.

The documents showed that Trump also earned an average of $250,000 per speech, with his speaking engagements earning him a total of $1.75 million last year. Trump's highest price tag for a speaking engagement was $450,000 -- a figure that fell in the range that former President Bill Clinton has charged for his speeches, according to CNN.

Marketing company ANC was responsible for the biggest chunk of the fees, shilling out $1.3 million for various speeches last year. ANC boasted its partnership with Trump on its website, noting that the company has appeared on Trump's reality TV show, "The Apprentice," in 2009 and 2011. However, the company did not refer to his 7-figure earnings when it mentioned that he was its most frequent guest at its training sessions.

"Trump is a fixture at ACN International Training Events, setting the record for the most appearances from the ACN stage by any ACN special guest speaker," reads the ANC website. "So why does one of the busiest men in business take time out for ACN? Because he loves and believes in the industry – and more importantly, he believes in ACN!"

In the documents made public Wednesday, Trump told the government agency that he was holding positions with more than 500 companies and earned money from more than 150 different business deals.

Trump has previously estimated his finances exceed $10 billion -- a figure which many accused the mogul of exaggerating. The form did not corroborate that amount since candidates were asked to only list assets in broad ranges. However, the documents did provide more insight into the real estate developer's finances.

The forms -- which were filed last week -- showed 11 separate partnerships with which Trump was involved, valued at more than $50 million, reports the Wall Street Journal. Those partnerships include property at 40 Wall Street, the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, and a golf course in Jupiter, Florida.