Donald Trump Jr. and Hunter Biden’s war of taking jibes at each other continued on Wednesday, as the former responded to Biden's criticism in an interview with ABC News.

Both of them have been indulged in slamming each other since the Ukraine scandal came to the forefront and have not held it back when trying to land a sucker punches. 

Here are some of the critical quotes from both that caught our eye:

Hunter Biden Calls Trump Jr. “Prince Humperdinck”

During his interview, the younger Biden spoke for the first time about the whole Ukraine and China scandal. He also brushed aside the accusations made against him by Donald Jr. and Eric by calling them Barnum and Bailey circus acts. He then went on to call Donald Jr, “Prince Humperdinck.”

"I’ve been through some sh—stuff in my life. I’ve been through some real, real stuff. This isn’t real stuff. It isn’t. It truly isn’t. That part of it, that Barnum and Bailey—you know, say anything, do anything you want, you know, I mean, like, you know, Donald Prince Humperdinck—Trump Jr. is not somebody that I really care about."

“We didn’t magically become international business people,” Trump Jr. responds

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Wednesday, Trump Jr. hit back at critics who had been comparing the foreign business deals of him, his siblings and Hunter Biden. 

"You want to know the difference between the Bidens and us are? We were international businesspeople before politics, and we gave up doing all new deals going forward," he said.

"We didn't magically become international businesspeople because of our political position," Trump Jr. said. "We put that all aside for years."

The business deals of both came into comparison after Trump’s eldest sons Donald Jr. and Eric accused him of using his position as Vice President’s son to gain favors.

“We would solve the media problem,” Donald Trump Jr. 

The president’s son has sung the tune of solving the media problem with reference to Hunter Biden not once but twice, and both on Fox News. While talking to Hannity on Wednesday, Trump Jr. said the following,

"If Donald Trump Jr. took one-point-five dollars from China -- not $1.5 billion, Sean -- just one-point-five dollars, we'd solve the fake news media problem because their heads would explode and there would be none of them left."

He said similar things earlier this month, again referring to Hunter cashing on his family name and China.

"If I went to China and did that ... we would solve the media problem, because their heads would explode. There would be no fake news media left."

“I don’t even think they’re allowed on diving boards,” Trevor Noah talks about Trump siblings and Nepotism

When Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump decided to focus on Hunter Biden’s nepotism, the whole narrative backfired as they came under heavy criticism. However, the obvious standout quote from the whole episode was that of Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who quite rightly pulled their legs.

Speaking about why Donald Jr. and his brother complained about Hunter Biden getting a position on board of Ukraine gas company, Noah said,

“What I don’t understand is why these people are complaining about that.”

“First of all, I’m not surprised nobody has put Beavis and Forehead on any corporate boards,” Noah said. “I don’t even think they’re allowed on diving boards.”

Trump siblings had argued that they were exempt from criticism as they did not sit on any corporate boards

The beginning of accusations:

Trump's siblings have been accusing Hunter Biden for some time and did everything they could to make the 2020 elections about the scandals that Bidens had done. They did not let down any chance to throw dirt on the dealings that Hunter had done in Ukraine and China.

On Wednesday while replying to Biden, Donald Trump Jr. sang a tune that was very familiar to what he and his brother have been saying for quite some time now.

"Right out of school, he gets a high paying job from MBNA -- the biggest bank and the largest employer in the state of Delaware -- where [his father] is conveniently a senator."

This was eerily similar to what his brother had said on Fox News, accusing Hunter Biden of not knowing anything but still getting paid $50,000 a month.

 Donald Trump gestures to his sons Donald Trump Jr. (L) and Eric Trump (R) Donald Trump with his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, who, along with daughter Ivanka, were named in a lawsuit from New York attorney general Barbara Underwood. Photo: Reuters/Jim Young