• "The Ancient Gods Part Two" will be the end of the "Doom (2016)" storyline
  • The trailer features new locations, enemies and a new weapon
  • The DLC will release on Thursday

The full trailer for “Doom Eternal’s” final story DLC “The Ancient Gods Part Two” has been released along with some key story details and a nigh immediate launch date.

The official Bethesda Softworks YouTube account released the trailer for the DLC Wednesday. “The Ancient Gods Part Two” will be the final piece of downloadable story content for “Doom Eternal,” and it will also mark the end of the Doom Slayer’s story – for now, at least.

The DLC will have players take the fight to the Dark Lord of Hell himself; the Doom Slayer will be assaulting the Dark Lord’s keep with an army of Night Sentinels supporting his attack. The trailer features an enormous Sentinel force invading Hell itself in a scene that’s slightly reminiscent of the iconic “Avengers Assemble” scene in “Avengers: Endgame.”

The trailer also confirms a new weapon: the Hellbreaker. This two-handed war hammer features twin heads made of Argent energy, similar to the Crucible sword from the base game. The hammer will allow players to perform powerful slam attacks that can be initiated from a high-enough altitude.

Doom Eternal features a wide variety of monsters that are designed to look similar to their original Doom 2 counterparts
Doom Eternal features a wide variety of monsters that are designed to look similar to their original Doom 2 counterparts Id Software

New levels include an abandoned city on Earth that has been retaken by nature, featuring an overgrowth of foliage tangling with steel and concrete. The Doom Slayer will also get to explore a new area in the remote mountains and forests of untainted Argent D’Nur.

These new levels will introduce a new traversal mechanic in the form of grappling points for the Super Shotgun’s Meat Hook, which will allow players to swing from point to point.

The game’s fans and developers alike previously referred to this mechanic as the “yeet hook” where players would launch themselves through the air by hooking onto flying enemies.

With the remake series ending with the conclusion of this DLC, fans are left speculating what Bethesda and Id Software will have in store for the future. The end of the Slayer’s saga may imply that future “Doom” games will feature a different protagonist, while the end of “The Ancient Gods” story series may result in the release of non-story related DLCs for “Doom Eternal” in the future.

“Doom Eternal’s” DLC “The Ancient Gods Part Two” releases this Thursday.