Double Fine Adventure
Double Fine Adventure

The great success of Double Fine Adventure seems to be catching on to other crowd-funded video game projects as well, according to a post on the company's Kickstarter blog. Now, thanks to the rocketing success of the adventure game, many other Kickstarter projects are benefiting, and it's not just games.

Before Double Fine, one video game project had exceeded $100,000. Now, nine have, states the blog post. Although Kickstarter is not new, roughly $1,776,372 was donated to games before the Double Fine adventure game. In the six weeks after Double Fine, $2,890,704 was pledged ($6,227,075 counting Double Fine).

Thousands of New Backers

Moreover, 22 percent of the 60,000 first-time pledgers have decided to back another project. Most of that money was put into other game Kickstarters such as Brian Fargo's Wasteland 2 campaign. However, there were also considerable donations made towards video, film and comic projects, and not just games. It seems that Double Fine Adventure game has drawn thousands of new backers, creating a miniature industry based on donations.

Media coverage has definitely also helped spread Kickstarter's name and intentions, and combined with word-of-mouth spreading, it has led thousands of potential backers to Kickstarter. Each project is not only promoting itself, but the Kickstarter ecosystem as a whole, the Kickstarter blog noted.

Still, Kickstarter is not the safest bet for backers. Basically, as a backer, you pay for a non-existent project, and get no contractual guarantee that the project leaders will deliver. Backers must understand that any pledge is not an investment, but a charitable donation. Other than that, it's all very inspiring and allows games to be developed due to Kickstarter and backers. Without public funding and Kickstarters, many games wouldn't stand a chance.

Get Funding on Kickstarter

Meanwhile, if you are not looking to back, but to be backed, Mashable has a few interesting ideas to get your funding on Kickstarter. Most importantly, you have to be prepared and come up with a good pitch in order to attract investors and get your pet project off the ground. If you measure your steps carefully and properly market your project, you might just be one step away from success. Good luck!

(reported by Alexandra Burlacu, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)