Downton Abbey, the latest British craze to sweep the United States, has quickly become one of the most buzz worthy TV shows to appear on American television. The period drama piece, clothing characters in Edwardian era costume and alluring audiences with snarky British savvy, centers on the hierarchical lives of servants, lords, masters and more . And while fans eagerly anticipate season three, for which Shirley MacLaine has just been cast, here are five ways to satisfy your Abbey-themed obsession during the wait.

1. The widespread card phenomenon, Magic: The Gathering, has now spawned a new rendition of the role playing game based on Downton Abbey. The game features playing cards for various characters, listing their Special Attack and a quote from the television series. Just like the acclaimed show, characters are pitted against each other, with battle techniques resembling personality traits and characteristics from the show. For example, The Dowager Countess' prized move is called the Surprisingly Practical Old-World Granny Shutdown. Although the card spoof is only an Internet entity for now, there are sure to be fans out there playing somewhere.

2. Some viewers seeking to turn Downton Abbey into a social experience may be interested in this. One fan concocted a drinking game based on events in the show, in which viewers are required to follow a list of rules throughout the episode. For example, rule number one reads Any time anyone walks into a room and a woman is crying alone. This means that players must take a drink each time that occurrence happens. With a compilation of 22 rules total and a hardcore version of the game, participants may struggle to keep up!

3. With a show that focuses on so many different societal roles, from servants to lords, a role playing adaption is only natural. This game allows players to act as any character from the series, and is complete with a list of rules and regulations. Role-players are permitted to take on one main character and a secondary character, according to the rules.

4. And of course any popular television craze also needs an online quiz to back it up. Internet quiz sensation offers a variety of trivia fixes to suit any Downton Abbey fan's needs. From character quotes to episode questionnaires, even the most attentive viewers may find themselves stumped.

5. For the most patient of fans, Gibsons released a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle based on the popular show. Made in the UK, the puzzle is presented as a montage of various characters and scenes.