The Dowager Countess is back and she brought her sassiness with her. The newest promo from “Downton Abbey” Season 5 is much lighter than the fiery first promo. The first trailer had scandal, secrets and love affairs, however the second provides some much needed comic relief for "Downton" fans. The trailer is just a short clip of Maggie Smith’s Lady Violet talking to Penelope Wilton’s Isobel Crawley.

Isobel is worried about her relationship with a man, who most fans are assuming to be Lord Merton. The man took a liking to Isobel in Season 4. “I do like him. It’s just he wants something from me that I cannot give,” Isobel says.

Lady Violet tells her that he “just wants what all men want.” Isobel chuckles and tells her not be ridiculous. Of course, the Dowager Countess didn’t think she was being ridiculous. Isobel’s mind might have gone straight to the gutter, but Lady Violet was keeping it classy.

“I was referring to companionship, as I hope you were,” Lady Violet says.

Watch the promo below:

Still, it isn’t quite as funny as the modern water bottle that made it into the promotional photos.

The new promos are making fans itch for the new season, but American fans still have quite a wait. British fans are gearing up for a Sept. premiere, but the series won’t air in the U.S. on PBS until 2015.

“Downton Abbey” Season 5 returns to PBS on Jan. 5. Are you excited to see the Dowager Countess back in action? Sound off in the comments section below.