A Shonen Jump magazine scan recently featured "Dragon Ball" villain Jiren facing Goku in "Dragon Ball FighterZ" has surfaced. Moreover, Bandai Namco has slipped up on a "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC announcement which gave clues that also heavily hints Jiren to be the next character. Moreover, will the fans start to see more "Dragon Ball" Super characters in FighterZ?

As seen on Spy_0taku’s Twitter, famous manga magazine Shonen Jump featured Jiren and Goku Blue about to trade blows in "Dragon Ball FighterZ." It’s important to know that Jiren is rendered in the fighting game’s 3D artstyle which could highly mean that he’s going to be in the game. The article also mentions a gigantic 2019 which could be the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC release date.

On the Bandai Namco side of the announcements, the Bandai Namco Europe Twitter confirmed that a fighter from Universe 11 is “joining the fight.” The "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC announcement is expected to happen in the upcoming Red Bull Final Summoning event this coming January 26 and 27. The big event will also hold the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" World Tour Finals and is expected to show the announcement once the Grand Finals crowns a champion. We’ll have to wait to see who else is coming with Jiren.

In the "Dragon Ball Super" series, Universe 11 is composed of Jiren, Top, and the other fighters in a red superhero jumpsuit uniform. More than the other Universe 11 fighters, Jiren has taken a huge role in "Dragon Ball Super" as the series featured that three main characters of the arc had to work together to take him down alone. Jiren had to be taken down through a sacrifice of two main characters but they ultimately won the tournament due to the given move. Due to Jiren’s immense strength and overall imposing demeanor, many fans want him in "Dragon Ball FighterZ."

So far, the "Dragon Ball FighterZ" DLC haven’t introduced character from the Tournament of Power story arc yet. Aside from Hit, the other "Dragon Ball Super" characters were from the Zamasu arc despite many characters seem to be interesting picks on the other story arc. If Jiren goes in, we might see other Tournament of Power participants like Kefla, Cabba, Frost, and Ganos might be in soon.

Dragon Ball FighterZ GO1 Vs SonicFox EVO 2018 Grand Finals After the Grand Finals comes the announcement. Pictured: Dominique 'SonicFox' McLean takes on Goichi 'GO1' Kishada in the DragonBall FighterZ finals during EVO 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on August 5, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Getty Images/Joe Buglewicz