• After absorbing Seven-Three, Moro revives his form
  • Now, he has the ability to copy opponent techniques
  • Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 releases on July 20

Moro has become immensely powerful after he absorbed Seven-Three in the last chapter. "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 62 is only a few days away from its official release and spoilers tease Moro's next move.

This article contains spoilers.

After getting battered and cornered by Vegeta, Moro plays his trump card and absorbs Seven-Three. He emerges with a new look and reveals that he has revived with new abilities.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 62, titled "Desperate Situation," Moro tells Vegeta, Goku and others that Seven-Three’s abilities are added to his existing power.

Vegeta continues his attack on Moro. Meanwhile, Gohan notes that Seven-Three’s ability will only last for a short time and will likely vanish. However, Moro tells them that the power in him is not influenced by a time limit.

Moro grabs Vegeta from the back of his neck and copies his ability. Goku is unaware of Seven-Three’s ability and Gohan tells him about it.

Meanwhile, Vegeta receives several hits from Moro. With his Moro's newfound power, he can now perform the Big Bang Attack.

Piccolo adds that Moro can also use Vegeta’s Forced Separation Technique. Elsewhere, Dende wants to go on Earth to help out his friends deal with Moro. On Earth, Kuririn is heading toward the battlefield. He regrets not giving the Senzu Beans to Goku.

On the battlefield, Gohan and Piccolo attack Moro as a team. Gohan manages to squeeze one arm of Moro and asks Goku to attack.

Goku fires his Kamehameha at Moro slicing his arm off. In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 62, the heroes learn that Moro has copied Piccolo’s regenerative abilities and is able to regrow his arm. Later, he stabs Goku. Moru is able to beat Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, 17, 18 and Piccolo, Twitter user Dragon Ball Hyper revelead.

Toward the end, Moro goes after Jaco, who desperately tries to beat him with his gun. Later, Merus, an angel, arrives to help in the fight against Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 is scheduled to release Monday, July 20. The digital version of the chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz.

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