• A significant portion of US employees are still working from home.
  • Dreametech creates contemporary smart cleaning appliances that help make spring cleaning easier.
  • Spring cleaning has numerous mental, physical and practical benefits for homeowners.

CES 2020, a global tech event that hosted over 40,000 attendees, highlighted a variety of up-and-coming tech leaders and products. Notably, Chrysler announced their new vehicle for 2025, and the latest addition to the electric car market: the Chrysler Airflow. There were many other standouts, but one category that gained a lot of traction was smart home technology. But, what is next for smart home appliances? From CES 2022, it would seem that smart cleaning appliances are on the rise. The question is, though, do consumers need new smart cleaning technology?

In July of 2021, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 1 in 4 employees were working from home. This has since decreased, however, a significant portion of workers are still operating online. This has meant that people are spending most of their time indoors, in their own home. This change in lifestyle has necessitated that workers adapt in order to thrive in a setting that is used for both living and working.

Many people are now considering the implications on health that working from home has. These concerns are centered around not only physical and mental health, but the effect that a working space has on them. As a result, work from home employees are structuring rigorous cleaning habits and boundaries within the home. Cleaning and keeping the home tidy has proven to have numerous mental and physical health benefits. Smart cleaning technology, as a result, will help make the cleaning process more accessible and enjoyable.

Dreametech is an innovative and contemporary company that focuses on high-end cleaning appliances. The company makes use of revolutionary technology to produce leading smart household cleaning appliances. Dreametech was also included in CES2022, exhibiting their robot vacuums & mops, specifically the D9 robot vacuum & mop.

Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

The 2021 National Cleaning Survey provided by the American Cleaning Institute, found that 55% of people have found themselves spending more time cleaning as a result of the pandemic. Similarly, 42% of people highlighted an increase in the importance of cleaning to them. This mindshift has illuminated the benefits of spring cleaning to the global public.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

It is reported that cleaning your home can reduce stress and anxiety. A decluttered and clean home causes less distraction and irritation, and can actually improve work productivity and focus.

The act of spring cleaning is also beneficial to the mind and body, as it forces people to become active and engage in physical activity. People not only burn calories while cleaning, but also experience an active and healthy heart rate.

Spring cleaning can also result in better sleep. Not only does the physical activity of cleaning promote better sleep, but so does the result of cleaning. Sheets and bedding that has been changed and cleaned is shown to cause better and longer lasting sleep.

A Healthy Immune System

Spring cleaning can help strengthen your immune system in a number of ways. For one, spring cleaning can help reduce the presence of allergy triggers, like dust and pollen.

In the winter months, things like dust, mold and animal fur can collect more rapidly as a result of lacking ventilation. Spring cleaning can drastically decrease the presence of such things, and therefore ensure that homeowners are healthy. This will also prevent any respiratory problems.

A good way to ensure that dust, pollen and animal fur is not collecting on floors, is to regularly vacuum floors, carpets and rugs. Dreametech’s range of robotic vacuums and mops are an easy way to clean, and allow for home owners to spend time on other necessary housework.

Dreametech Dreametech

Making Cleaning Easy

Dreametech produces cleaning appliances that are high-tech and engineered to improve and speed up the cleaning process. The company was first established in 2017, and has worked to employ a staff of innovative engineers.

The company, with the consumer in mind, has sought to create products that enhance the user experience, and serve multi-functions. As a result, they have created products like the Dreametech Bot L10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop, which serves as a dual-function product. The L10 Pro uses LiDAR navigation to rebuild a 3D environment, in order to clean a space effectively without much human interference.

The technology that Dreametech robot vacuums use ensures that consumers do not have to declutter much before vacuuming. This can help homeowners by saving time on vacuuming and mopping, as the smart appliance works for them. The W10 self-cleaning bot is interesting in this sense, as it not only vacuums, but mops and cleans its own mop.

About Dreametech: It is a fast growing company in the smart home appliance industry that designs and produces smart cleaning appliances that aim to make cleaning easier for consumers. The company also produces cordless vacuum cleaners, such as the Dreametech T10 Cordless Stick Vacuum. This product is useful, as it has a 60 minute runtime, and 20 Kpa Suction. Dreametech aims to continue to support and provide smart appliances for their global users. According to the company, “ it is dedicated to supplying the world with powerful, convenient and user-friendly cleaning appliances” .

Final Thoughts

With such an increase in the global community of teleworkers and people working from home, it is now more important than ever to ensure that the home is healthy, clean and conducive for productivity. Homeowners and people that work from home should invest in the time to spring clean, and the products and appliances that aid in this process.