Musk said earlier this year that X had lost roughly half of its advertising revenue

Musk Considers Charging All X Users Monthly Fee

Elon Musk has sparked outrage among fans of his social media platform X by suggesting he might introduce a monthly fee for all users, in what would be the biggest shake-up since he took over the site then known as Twitter last October.
Lidiane Jones, chief executive officer of Slack Technologies Inc., says artificial intelligence is going to transform the messaging platform

Slack CEO Is Ready To Ride AI Wave

Artificial Intelligence is transforming Slack, the widely used workplace messaging platform, its CEO told AFP just nine months after taking on one of the most high profile jobs in Silicon Valley.
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Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang has stepped down just as he was due to take over the firm's cloud computing branch

Alibaba Announces Surprise Departure Of Ex-CEO

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has announced the surprise departure of former CEO Daniel Zhang, who had been set Monday to take charge of a key subsidiary as the firm undergoes a major restructuring.
Over ten weeks of testimony involving more than hundred witnesses, Google will try to persuade a federal judge that the landmark case brought by the US Department of Justice is without merit

US Takes On Google In Landmark Antitrust Trial

Google faces its biggest ever legal challenge in a Washington court on Tuesday, as it fends off accusations from the US government that it acted unlawfully to build its overwhelming dominance of online search.
So far full self-driving cars are limited to certain areas, like this Waymo car in San Francisco

Self-driving Car Revolution Is Coming, But Slowly

In Munich, where this week's IAA motor show is taking place, an interactive street survey elicits an overwhelming "yes" when asking passers-by if they would take a self-driving taxi from the station to the Oktoberfest beer festival.

Best POS Software 2023

As a result of the modern business landscape, brands continue to seek new ways to stay ahead of the curve. This is particularly evident among small and medium-scale businesses that need help to compete with more prominent brands regarding operational investments. Over time, technology has played a significant role in providing a leveled playing field for all brands to compete. One such tool is Point of Sale (POS) software.
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Best Financial Reporting Software In 2023

Financial reporting is a structured process that involves the collection, summarization, analysis and presentation of financial information regarding an organization's financial position over a specified timeframe.


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