Drew Barrymore has opened up about her dating experiences and how optimistic she is in finding love one of these days.

As a busy mom and TV host, Barrymore told ET in an exclusive interview that she has little time for dating but it remains a "fun" activity for her.

"I love dating," the 46-year-old "Charlie's Angels" star said. "I think it can be very fun and I don't do it very often. I think I'm averaging, like, one or two dates a year, which feels constant in a busy life."

Though she has not clicked with any of the men she dated, the actress is optimistic she will meet the right man someday.

"Most of them have been not so great but to me those are like funny stories and I never want people to get cynical out there," she told the outlet. "You have to be hopeful, and you have to do it for yourself. Get ready, play music, put on your favorite outfit."

Barrymore said it was tough opening herself up to love after her split from ex-husband Will Kopelman in 2016. The "'50 First Dates" star said it was her friends from "Queer Eye" who helped her recover her confidence and get back into the dating scene.

"I think it was less about the date and more about how we have to kind of look within and realize, like, what is holding us back, what is stopping us, why are we afraid," she said in the ET interview. "I had a great discovery talking with the guys and I started crying with Bobby [Berk] 'cause I realized that a big part of my journey has been that I'm just for me. I'm a mom and I don't know how to date with kids. It hasn't been my priority and I don't really know how to navigate it."

The mom of two said times have changed and she is now more open to dating.

"I think as my kids have gotten older and their dad is happily remarried, times change and, you know, we bloom, and I am more open to it now," she shared. "It's been six years, I'm a little rusty, my life is very different, I've never even approached dating, let alone a relationship as a single mom who has finally made an investment in myself. I have always been about relationships and my kids and everyone else. I don't think I've ever entered a relationship, this whole of a person as an individual entity."

Drew Barrymore
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