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A gold Lamborghini model is on display at the Lamborghini showroom in Dubai September 19, 2013. A prototype of a model Lamborghini that will be made of 500 kg of gold and diamonds is now on display in a showroom in Dubai, the first stop ahead of a world tour later in the year. It is also the warm-up act for the real deal which is looking to get into the Guinness World Book of Records, for an interior and exterior that will glitter with $2.9 million worth of precious metals and gems. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Shahad Ballan, a well-known TV presenter for the Saudi-owned Middle East Broadcasting Centre, was seriously injured in a road accident in Dubai Wednesday.

The driver was killed at the scene while Ballan suffered reportedly suffered fractures on various parts of her body. According to Khaleej Times, the 27-year-old suffered a broken pelvis. The MBC TV presenter left Dubai’s Media City and was travelling to Abu Dhabi as one of the car tires got punctured on Sheikh Zayed Road.


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According to Colonel Adil Al Suwaidi, the driver had to stop the car on the hard shoulder due to the faulty tire. The director of the Jebel Ali police station said the car behind Ballan’s had managed to brake in time to avoid collision.

Suwaidi said a third car hit the other two cars but it was a minor accident. The officers asked the drivers of the three cars to move the vehicles to the hard shoulder. Meanwhile, a fourth car came at high speed and crashed into the parked cars, and then three more car crashed into the stationary vehicles.

The TV presenter was trapped in the rear seat as she had to be rescued using hydraulic cutters. Emirates 24|7 reported 10 doctors had performed surgery on her to save her life. Ballan is supposed to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for a while now.

She graduated from the American University in Dubai in 2011. She also graduated in film direction from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Media College.

Ballan used to work for Dubai’s state-run Dubai TV before she started working for MBC channel 1 as a news reader and presenter 2013.