An off-duty police officer in Florida jumped into the ocean after spotting a shark swimming toward a boy who was boogie-boarding. A video was shared online showing the officer pulling the child to safety.

Cocoa Beach Police Officer Adrian Kosicki was walking along the beach with his wife on Thursday when they noticed a shark approaching the boy in the shallow waters. The video shared on Facebook shows a shark fin cutting through the water’s surface as it swims toward the boy.

“Hey buddy! Hey, there’s a shark right there,” an onlooker says before another shouts, “There he is!”

Kosicki jumped into the water and grabbed hold of the boy, dragging him through the surf toward shore as the shark swam “dangerously close,” police said. The species of shark wasn’t immediately clear.

“We’re certainly not marine biologists, educated and trained to differentiate between the various species of sharks, their respective feeding habits and aggressiveness near swimmers,” Cocoa Beach Fire & Police wrote on Facebook.

"We just do what we do best—protect the public from harm. Thanks to Adrian, we’ll never know what that shark’s intentions were, and that little boy will forever have a pretty cool story to tell."

According to the International Shark Attack File, Florida accounts for the most shark attacks in the United States. The state also sees the most shark attacks during the months of July, August, September and October, when the water temperature rises and people tend to get involved in water activities.

Shark Pixabay