• The map in "Dying Light 2" will be four times bigger than the first game's map
  • The new game will run on a brand new game engine
  • "Dying Light 2" will have a 20-hour story campaign with about 40 hours worth of side content 

It has been almost two years since “Dying Light 2” was revealed back in 2019 and after a long and worrying period of silence, Techland has finally revealed more information about the game.

The developers broke their silence with a video released in March, where they read mean tweets from angry and impatient fans. The video ended with a clear message stating that “Dying Light 2” was not canceled, and that the game is set to release later this year.

After some time since the release of the video, key Techland developers did an interview with Wccftech where they revealed a few interesting details about the upcoming game. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones from the interview:

New Game Engine

“Dying Light 2” will be using the new C-Engine which allows the implementation of new technology like ray tracing, advanced AI, seamless rendering and more. Techland rendering director Tomasz Szalkowski told Wccftech that the biggest improvement that the new engine has over the previous one is its compatibility with the latest generation of consoles.

The C-Engine is also able to support smoother animations, higher quality audio and better physics that put “Dying Light 2” up to par with the latest open-world titles, senior technology programmer Lukasz Burdka said.

Bigger Map

The map size for “Dying Light 2” is approximately four times larger than the first game according to Burdka. The new engine also complements this new map through World Streaming technology that effectively removes all of the loading screens while exploring the open world.

Dying Light 2 features agile movement and brutal melee combat in sprawling open world
Dying Light 2 features agile movement and brutal melee combat in sprawling open world. Techland

The new map will have more verticality than in the first game and according to Burdka, the developers have spent a large amount of time filling the new world with interesting stories, challenges and activities.

Random Open World Events

Apart from preset side quests and points of interest, “Dying Light 2” will have random and dynamic open world encounters similar to those in “Red Dead Redemption 2” according to lead game designer Tymon Smektala.

Game Length

The game’s main story will take roughly 20 hours if rushed according to Smektala, but he noted that exploring all “Dying Light 2” has to offer can take up to 60 hours in total. He said that even the opening area of the game can take up to eight hours to fully explore.