The Electronic Entertainment Expo taking place in Los Angeles is undoubtedly the biggest week of the year for the video game industry, from the perspective of devoted fans and developers alike. E3 2012 has been packed with news and updates on next-generation consoles and gaming titles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

The three-day-long conference officially began on Tuesday, June 5, but massive press conferences from Sony, Microsoft and Ubisoft took place a day in advance. Microsoft unveiled its latest Smart Glass technology for the Xbox 360, which would integrate mobile devices into gameplay. Through an app known as Xbox Live Companion, players would be able to link a tablet or smartphone to their Xbox games.

Sony also plans to take a similar route with a different approach, incorporating its PlayStation Vita into cross-platform gaming. Major unveilings were made concerning Nintendo's next generation console, the Wii U, and the significant role of the innovative GamePad controller. A list of 22 confirmed titles was announced at Nintendo's press conference on June 5, but gamers have yet to hear any pricing concerning the Wii U.

Fans also got some inside sneak peeks at extended gameplay footage from highly anticipated titles such as Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Assassin's Creed III. New projects were also revealed, such as a title showcased during Sony's press conference called Beyond Two Souls. This interactive action-RPG stars actress Ellen Page as its protagonist, and comes from the same creators of Heavy Rain.

From all directions, this year's E3 in emphasizing a lot more than gaming. The big three names in console development are striving to become the premiere entertainment source of living rooms around the globe. This is also clear in the new titles being unveiled, as each game whether new or old brings fresh elements and deeper cinematic quality to the player.

There's been a lot to catch up on within the past week, and for those who missed out on Nintendo's press conference check out these photos to see the Nintendo team showcase the Wii U innovative controller and more.