Fans have finally caught their first lengthy look at the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. At Microsoft's 2012 E3 press conference, gameplay footage was unveiled before the massive audience a day ahead of the event's official start.

We built computers, robots, whole unmanned armies, as the trailer states. And no one ever asked, what happens when the enemy steals the keys?

This is answered in footage that ensues, where players get a better grasp of the game's plot. We see Madam President being taken into a car, which quickly overturns as the city is under siege. Crashed vehicles surround the area, ranging from helicopters to motorcycles.  

The clips show Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in action, with the first-person-shooter tearing through the streets of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Gamers finally see the Quadrotor drones that have been rumored since before the game's launch. Hundreds of thousands of missiles fall upon the city as the player shoots these unattended drones down from the sky.

As the footage progresses, a stealth bomber crashes on to the road, with soldiers scrambling to protect the president. It's time for the main character to jump into action on foot, right into the heart of the chaos. Picking up a sniper rifle, he provides cover as the squad escorts the president. This sniper rifle contains a scope that allows players to see through structures such as buildings and cars.

The demo soon skips ahead to a shopping center scene, with explosions around every corner. Our protagonist hides and dodges behind cars and any other cover that can be found in pursuit of the target. A wrist-mounted device allows the player to summon his aerial attack drones, which we get a closer look at later on. The sky is swarmed with drones after a stealth fighter aircraft crashes into the middle of a shopping center, creating a further obstacle for our protagonist.

Upon entering a stealth jet, we get a better look as to what aerial combat will be like in Black Ops 2. There seems to be limited directional control, but it does seem to be efficient in terms of tracking down land vehicles to follow.

The future is black, were the words displayed on the screen at the end of the demo, along with the Nov. 13th release date.

It's safe to say that E3 breeds an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, but some viewers and critics at home seem to be less impressed. Fans took to Twitter to post their thoughts and opinions on the Black Ops 2 sneak peak, with some looking at the new game with a skeptical eye.

I really don't care about what I'm seeing for #blackops2 so far, Mike Dodd, correspondent for ThisWeek, tweeted. The first one had an interesting setting and this one...near future BS #e3.

But some, on the other hand, are looking forward to the first-person military shooter's release in the same week as Halo 4.

#BlackOps2 gameplay was lookin' hard and can't wait to get it, user Gerald Coleman tweeted.

@CallofDuty I'm ready! Is it November yet? #BlackOps2 #E3, posted user HimynameisBrad.

Earlier on June 4 before the demo was unveiled, Microsoft Xbox announced that all new content from Black Ops 2 will launch exclusively on Xbox 360 initially, according to AllThingsD. The Xbox 360 is already listed as a console partner on the game's official website, and although the next Call of Duty installment will be playable on PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, Xbox gets is first.