Fans of “Earthworm Jim” will be very happy to know that after 25 years, the original team that created the popular game of the 90’s are back together to create an all-new version of the game, “Earthworm Jim 3.”

In a press release, the original team that created “Earthworm Jim” said they are reuniting to once again bring the uniqueness and humor that made the game a big hit among players more than two decades ago. They are going to do this by creating an entirely new “Earthworm Jim” game for today’s generation.

The team’s ten members -- the original programmers, artists, level designers and audio team -- want to reach out to their fans to hear what they will say about the game. To do that, they will hold an interactive streaming event on May 4 this week. This event will be simulcast on three different platforms: Facebook, YouTube Live, and TwitchTV.

“We have been talking about this moment for many years, it’s a dream come true to finally get the entire team back together,” “Earthworm Jim 1 & 2” composer and sound designer Tommy Tallarico said. “We’re looking forward to sharing a small part of our reunion and initial design meeting with fans from around the world.”

Exclusive release

The new “Earthworm Jim” game will be released exclusively for the upcoming Intellivision Amico Console, a new gaming system designed with “togetherness as its core.” The new console will be released on Oct. 10, 2020.

Now why would the game be released exclusively on the Intellivision console? This is because Tommy Tallarico happens to be the CEO and president of Intellivision, Polygon noted.

Amico is an Italian word for “friend” or “buddy.” Tallarico said the new console is designed to bring families and friends together.

Togetherness technology

The new Intellivision console features technologies that will allow groups of people to play the same game together without having to turn multiple gaming systems on. The Intellivision Amico comes with two wireless controllers, but up to eight players can play simultaneously with the help of an App and a smartphone.

It will have its own library of exclusive games, composed of new titles as well as remastered ones. Games are downloadable and are between $2.99-$7.99. The console, on the other hand, will be sold between $149-$179.