• The Mimic Tear no longer uses healing flasks
  • Black Knife Tiche's damage output remains very high
  • Knight and soldier spirits are very effective at tanking damage

Spirit Ashes are indispensable when it comes to tough fights in “Elden Ring.” From major boss fights to troublesome dungeon encounters, a good spirit summon will often be more than enough to help players break through.

Even with the recent nerf, the Mimic Tear remains one of the best spirits in the game. For the sake of players who want to try something else, here are four very powerful alternatives to consider.

Black Knife Tiche

Tiche is basically a friendly boss monster. Players who have fought any of the Black Knife assassins inside catacombs or in the open world will know exactly what this spirit summon can bring to the table.

She is a very agile fighter who can dart and weave around enemies while dishing out respectable damage with her special knife. Tiche is particularly helpful against Malenia as she can put immense pressure on the boss.

Alecto, the miniboss inside the Ringleader’s Evergaol in southwest Liurnia will drop Tiche’s ashes when defeated.

Dragon Knight Kristoff

Knight-type summons are great for tanking mobs of enemies, and Kristoff is no exception. This heavily armored warrior can take immense punishment without going down and can hit distant enemies with lightning strikes.

His ashes can be found inside the Sainted Hero’s Grave in Leyndell.

Greatshield Soldiers

Though they don’t deal as much damage as the other Spirit Ashes, Greatshield Soldiers are amazing at holding back multiple enemies or one big boss at a time. Their titular greatshields give them incredible survivability, and five soldiers are summoned per use, allowing for easy stunlocks while players rain damage from afar.

These ashes can be found in a graveyard in the upper parts of Nokron, the Eternal City, which can be accessed after defeating General Radahn.

Latenna the Albinauric

Latenna is a unique summon who basically acts as a turret with incredibly long range. Once summoned, she will sit still and pelt enemies with magical arrows. She’s particularly useful in large, open areas against field bosses.

She is, however, somewhat difficult to get. Players have to complete Latenna’s entire questline from Liurnia to the Mountaintops of the Giants before they can use her as a spirit summon.

The Great Erdtree towers over the Lands Between in Elden Ring
The Great Erdtree towers over the Lands Between in Elden Ring Elden Ring