• There's an important item in the Gateside Ruins  
  • Flask upgrades can be found in ruined churches
  • Gear can be upgraded via the anvil at the Church of Elleh

There’s plenty of ground to cover in The Lands Between, and the players who might be a little too excited to explore the vast wilderness of “Elden Ring” may miss out on some very important items.

In true FromSoftware fashion, players are left to explore every bit of the game, from the world to its mechanics, by themselves. Before heading out, keep these four things in mind to ensure that the rest of the adventure goes smoothly.

Flask Upgrades

The HP and FP flasks can be upgraded to become more useful if players have the right items. Sacred Tears improve the flasks’ restoration strength while Golden Seeds increase the number of times they can be used.

Tears can be found by the altars of ruined churches found in The Lands Between. It may be a good idea to visit these churches whenever possible. On other hand, Seeds are harder to find. They can be obtained from small glowing Erdtree found in bespoke locations. Players will have to look extra hard for them.

Statues in church ruins usually contain useful items
Statues in church ruins usually contain useful items Elden Ring


Players may come across Talismans while they’re exploring. These items give unique bonuses that can help emphasize certain playstyles. Picking Talismans up will send them to the inventory, but what the game doesn’t explain is that these items need to be equipped first.

In the beginning, players can equip only one Talisman at a time. These slots can be increased by defeating certain enemies like Margit at the entrance to Stormveil Castle.

Ashes of War and the Whetstone Knife

Players can equip different Ashes of War (Weapon Arts) in each of their weapons but to do this, they need to get the Whetstone Knife first.

To get this item, head to the Gateside Ruins, clear all the enemies, then look for a cellar at the southwest side of the camp. The knife will be inside a chest. This will allow players to slot-in different Weapon Arts while resting at a Site of Grace.

How to Upgrade Gear

There are two places where players can upgrade weapons and armor early in “Elden Ring”: the Church of Elleh and the Roundtable Hold. Look for an anvil, then interact with it to open up the usual upgrade screen.

Players will need Smithing Stones to upgrade their gear. These items are found inside dungeons and in specific locations in the open world. A fair amount of stones are inside the Limgrave Tunnels dungeon.