• Good spells can make or break a Sorcery build
  • The basic Glintstone Pebble spell can still be useful late in the game
  • Spell effectiveness depends greatly on the rest of a player's build

Sorcery builds in “Elden Ring” can deal immense damage if players can kit their characters out properly. Like in the early “Dark Souls” games, many consider mage builds as the “hidden easy mode” because of how powerful they can get.

At the core of every mage build is, of course, spell choice. Players have tons of options to use in “Elden Ring,” but there are some that stand out thanks to their sheer utility, damage potential and reliability. Here are some of the best Sorcery spells players can use in “Elden Ring.”

Adula’s Moonblade

The wide-sweeping spell is great for single-target and AoE applications. It inflicts a decent chunk of upfront damage while also building up Frostbite, which can severely slow down anything that isn’t immune to the effect.

Adula’s Moonblade is fast and very reliable, making it one of the must-have spells in any mage’s repertoire.

Glintstone Pebble

The humble Glintstone Pebble is easily the most reliable spell in the game, serving almost like a basic attack for staff-wielding mages. With its quick cast speed, low FP cost and surprising damage (when fully built), this spell can easily carry players into the late game, even if they have other late-game spells in their inventories.

Ranni’s Dark Moon

This is essentially a stronger version of Rennala’s Full Moon. They both deal damage, dispel magic and reduce enemy magic resist, but Ranni’s Dark Moon has the added benefit of dealing Cold damage and inflicting Frostbite.

Frostbite increases the damage taken by afflicted targets even further, making this spell great at debuffing enemies while also dealing tons of damage.

Terra Magicus

Players should always try to get a Terra Magicus circle on the ground whenever an opportunity for big damage arises. This utility spell buffs all outgoing magic damage, and using this in conjunction with any of the spells above can result in the total devastation of everything but the toughest of bosses.

Comet Azur

The iconic laser beam spell isn’t exactly the most reliable of options, but its damage output is strong enough to warrant a spot here. If set up properly, players can melt a boss’ health bar in seconds with one well-placed Comet Azur beam.

Rennala's attacks can deal devastating damage if they manage to connect - Elden Ring
Rennala's attacks can deal devastating damage if they manage to connect Elden Ring