• "Elden Ring" was announced during E3 2019
  • FromSoftware has not released any information about "Elden Ring" since then
  • Several major features of "Elden Ring" will ensure that it will stand out from "Dark Souls"

Hidetaka Miyazaki and the team at FromSoftware are preparing for the release of its next major title after the successful “Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice.” The next highly awaited title from the game developer is “Elden Ring,” which the team collaborated with George R.R. Martin. While many fans are anticipating that the upcoming game might have some similarities to “Dark Soul,” it has several significant features that set it apart from its popular sibling.

Whenever FromSoftware ventures into a new IP, it changes its genre as well as its inspiration. But, considering that “Elden Ring” is a fantasy-driven title, fans are worried that it might be like “Dark Souls.” However, based on what has been revealed so far, there are major differences that will make “Elden Ring” a stand out title from anything that FromSoftware has made.

While we might see some of Miyazaki’s trademark atmospheric storytelling in “Elden Ring,” there is a high possibility that the narrative of the upcoming title will be far richer and focused than anything FromSoftware has done since this time it has some touch of George R.R. Martin. “A Song of Ice and Fire,” written by Martin, skillfully twines a lot of independent, character-driven narratives together over the course of the series. Considering the size and scope of “Elden Ring” discussed in various interviews so far, fans can anticipate not only a rich narrative but also the interesting character development and masterful writing.

In terms of map, “Elden Ring” evolves from “Dark Souls” map design by introducing larger layouts, new mechanics, and a lot more that users can discover during gameplay. Although we have a few details about “Elden Ring,” Miyazaki shared that the environments in the upcoming game are much more open and vast than the previous games. The creator also revealed that he wanted to do some things in “Elden Ring” that FromSoftware could not do in “Dark Souls.”

FromSoftware announced “Elden Ring” at the E3 2019. Since then, we have not heard anything new from the team. Several game listings revealed that the game might arrive this year. So far, we do not have the release window of the upcoming title from FromSoftware yet. “Elden Ring” is in the works and will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One gaming platforms.