• "Elden Ring" will now release on Feb. 25, 2022 
  • The game's release will coincide with that of many other AAA titles that will launch that month
  • A network test will be conducted for console players from Nov. 12 to 14  

From Software’s highly-anticipated RPG “Elden Ring” has been delayed by a few weeks to give developers more time to further polish the game.

The game was pushed back to Feb. 25, 2022, PC Gamer reported. This would mean roughly five additional weeks of development time, as the title was originally slated to launch on Jan. 21.

According to a tweet from the developers, “Elden Ring” was delayed because the game ended up being much bigger than they had initially thought.

This delay spells both good and bad news for fans who have been waiting years for “Elden Ring’s” release. By the looks of the root cause of the delay, the game seems to be shaping up well, and its overall breadth appears to be much larger than anyone, including the developers, could have ever anticipated.

On the other hand, the delay means that “Elden Ring” will have to compete with a packed market, as games like “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Destiny 2 The Witch Queen” are due to release in that same month.

Luckily, the delay only pushed “Elden Ring’s” release by about one month, so fans won’t have to wait too long until the game is released.

Alongside the announcement of the delay is the reveal for the official closed network test dates for “Elden Ring.” From Software released a short trailer that announced the network test will go live from Nov. 12 to 14.

Like the tests for “Dark Souls 3” and “Bloodborne,” “Elden Ring’s” own network test is likely meant to collect player feedback regarding game balancing and to see how much stress the game’s servers can handle.

Players will be given a pre-set character and the ability to explore the open fields and dungeons of “Elden Ring.” This should give players a taste of how the open-world exploration portion of the game will feel as well as provide a glimpse of From Software’s latest iteration of its signature combat system.

However, neither From Software nor Bandai Namco stated just exactly how much of the game’s map can be explored during the testing phase.

To join the network test, interested fans can sign up at the official “Elden Ring” website. The test is only available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Friendly phantoms aiding a player in Elden Ring Friendly phantoms aiding a player in Elden Ring Photo: From Software