• New job listings led fans to believe "The Elder Scrolls 6" is already in full production
  • One job listing states Bethesda is looking for a programmer who can work on a new game
  • The other job listing is for a video editor who can create promotional videos for the title that will come before "The Elder Scrolls 6"

“The Elder Scrolls 6” could be in full production based on a few job listings made by Bethesda Game Studios.

Famed game maker Bethesda is currently looking for a few game developers, causing fans to believe that it is already gearing up to work on the next installment in “The Elder Scrolls” series of games, particularly the highly anticipated “The Elder Scrolls 6,” GamesRadar reported.

The job listings, first spotted by netizens on Reddit, are for two different roles, both of which are related to video games despite being totally different from each other.

The first job listing, which is meant for a Game Programmer, states that Bethesda “is looking for talented programmers to join our team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles.”

The Game Programmer will work on the “implementation of new gameplay features” which includes “player and characters’ behaviors, combat and powers mechanics, user interface” and more. The person that will be hired for the job will work with designers, artists and other programmers to create a “great gameplay experience.”

Redditors believe that it's too late for the game company to start looking for programmers to work on the upcoming sci-fi role-playing game “Starfield.” This job listing, they believe, simply indicates that Bethesda will be working on a new title.

The second job listing adds to the speculations regarding “The Elder Scrolls 6” as already underway. The job listing is meant for a Video Editor who will be working on “Producing a variety of short videos to market the company and its games.”

Games Radar noted that this job listing indicates that Bethesda might be nearing the “Starfield” reveal, and will show the game to the world via a marketing campaign complete with trailers, short videos, TV spots and more.

That said, Bethesda hasn't said anything about “The Elder Scrolls 6” at the moment, except that it will arrive in the future. The release date remains unknown, though. It might take while before the game studio announces and unveils the game for all the world to see. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.