President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden face off Tuesday in the battle for the White House as polls start to close across the nation.

Election Day marks the end of a long, arduous campaign cycle that has been defined largely by the global COVID-19 pandemic and increased political tensions.

Trump is fighting for his political life, facing an uphill battle. He has trailed Biden in several state and national polls amid high disapproval ratings. Should Trump lose, he would be the first incumbent to not win reelection since 1992.

An unprecedented 98 million Americans voted early, but millions more flocked to the polls on Election Day.

Americans are also voting in a number of down-ballot races as Democrats seek to expand their majority in the House and take the majority in the Senate.

While the fate of the White House for the next four years is in the balance, here are some Election Night drinking games to take the edge off. (Please drink responsibly.)

Take a sip of your drink when...

  • Take a sip when the candidate you support wins a state
  • Take two sips when the candidate you do not support wins a state
  • Take two sips if Trump tweets
  • Voter fraud is mentioned
  • Anytime the word "unprecedented" is said

Take a Shot When...

  • Battleground states go the color you want them to
  • Major states turn a color (California, New York, etc...)
  • Voter percentages exceed 55-65%
  • Senate seats rule towards the Democratic Party
  • Any mention of the high voter turnout

Shotgun Beer If...

  • Trump declares victory
  • Trump refuses to concede
  • Biden declares victory
  • If you're wearing an "I Voted" sticker
  • Trump is leading by the end of the night
  • The Hunter Biden Scandal is mentioned
  • The Trump tax scandal is mentioned