Electric vehicle charging station in Washington

General Motors announced plans Tuesday to install 40,000 electric vehicle chargers throughout the U.S., a majority of which will be in rural areas. There are currently around 43,000 charging locations in the U.S.

The chargers won't be "Level 3" fast chargers, which are capable of charging an EV to 80% battery capacity within 30 minutes, rather they will be "Level 2" chargers that have a slower charging speed but are just as powerful.

The planned placement for these chargers will be anywhere EV drivers would leave their vehicles parked for a few hours or more, such as parks, sports venues, and shopping districts.

The EV chargers will be industry-standard J1772 charging plugs, which would allow most electric vehicles to use these chargers, including Tesla vehicles.

GM, which plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2035, has said that the company "believes that the democratization of charging is vital to helping accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles" and that this is why it's expanding its charging stations within the U.S. starting in 2022.

The move is expected to make electric vehicles more accessible as drivers and would-be electric vehicle buyers would have fewer concerns about charging.

A total of 1,000 GM dealers, some with more than one dealership, have signed on to install up to 10 charging stations per dealership. These charging stations won't actually be installed within the dealership but within the area where the dealership operates.

The program is expected to cost GM roughly $750 million by the end of 2025.