• Electronic Arts confirmed it has 14 games scheduled to be released within the fiscal year 2021
  • A remastered version of "Mass Effect Trilogy" is reportedly included in the lineup
  • Other games included in EA's plan are "Medal of Honor VR," "FIFA 21," "Madden NFL 21," and "NHL 21"

Electronic Arts have several games lined up for its fiscal year 2021, and it apparently includes a remastered version of “Mass Effect Trilogy.”

In a recent earnings call, EA confirmed it has at least 14 games planned for release until March 31, 2021 -- which is the end of the company’s fiscal year. One of the games listed is an unnamed HD Remake, but no other information was provided.

Interestingly, according to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, the unnamed HD remake is actually a remastered version of “Mass Effect Trilogy.” He also noted that while it is included in the lineup of games that will be released in the near future, fans should not hope for a Nintendo Switch version at first.

Grubb, however, did not cite any source about his claim. With that said, the news is pure speculation right now and should be taken with a grain of salt.

“Mass Effect” is a highly popular third-person shooter and role-playing game that is beloved by the gaming community until today. In fact, its original trilogy had always been in contention for various awards, including the best RPG.

Considering this, it is not surprising why EA would remaster the trilogy. Hardcore “Mass Effect” fans have also been asking EA to do a remake or remaster of the game, especially since the last title in the franchise was released in 2017 – which was “Mass Effect: Andromeda.”

However, if EA indeed plans to release “Mass Effect Trilogy” Remastered within the fiscal year, then it won’t be long before the gaming giant makes an announcement. After all, the company will have to promote it for some time considering the huge game lineup planned.

Aside from the rumored “Mass Effect Trilogy” remaster, other games included in EA’s plan are “Burnout Paradise Remastered” for Nintendo Switch, “Command & Conquer Remastered” for PC, “Medal of Honor VR,” “FIFA 21,” “Madden NFL 21,” and “NHL 21.”

The other titles in the said 14-game lineup remain unnamed.

“We are planning to launch 14 new titles to players this fiscal year,” Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said. “That includes four new EA Sports titles — FIFA, Madden, NHL, and one more unannounced sports game — all of which deliver on the mix of creativity, authenticity, and quality that sets EA Sports apart.

“Our FY21 plans also include four more games drawing on the breadth of our IP, from Command & Conquer Remastered to unannounced games for our console and PC players. We’ll have more games from indie developers launching this year through EA Partners, and two new mobile titles leveraging top IP that we’ll bring to players worldwide.”