• Ellen DeGeneres wants to leave her show because she feels betrayed after negative stories about her leaked 
  • Scooter Braun sends love to DeGeneres after Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson called her out
  • Executive producer Andy Lassner assured fans on Twitter that the show will continue

Ellen DeGeneres wants to move on from her show, according to an insider.

DeGeneres has been hosting her own show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" for over a decade already. Months ago, DeGeneres made headlines for being mean after Kevin T. Porter started a thread on Twitter where people shared their not-so-kind encounter with the host. Recently, the show and its producers have been involved in a string of controversies prompting some to question the future of the show. And now an insider has claimed that the award-winning host "wants out of the show."

"She is pissed that people have come forward to share these negative stories about her and feels betrayed," a source told Us Weekly adding that the 62-year-old celebrity feels like a "target" because of her success.

"She knows she can be tough at times but believes she works hard and is extremely creative and that it’s a privilege to work for her and be around her," the source added.

On Thursday, Brad Garrett called out DeGeneres on Twitter. He shared Variety's report about the host sending an emotional letter to her staff and added a short note about his personal take on the issue.

"Sorry but it comes from the top @TheEllenShow Know more than one who were treated horribly by her. Common knowledge," he wrote on Twitter while tagging DeGeneres.

Actress Lea Thompson also backed Garrett's post. "True story. It Is," she wrote on the microblogging site.

Meanwhile, Scooter Braun opted to send love to DeGeneres instead of joining her critics.

"People love to take shots at people. They love to see people fall. How quickly so many forget. @TheEllenShow is a kind, thoughtful, courageous human being who stands for what is right and highlights on her show the best of us. She has helped change the views for equality,” he wrote on Twitter.

"Needed to say this as I know first hand how she helps so many when we are watching and when we are not. She isn’t about what is popular she is about what is right. Sending love to Ellen today," he added.

Meanwhile, Andy Lassner, one of the show’s executive producers, denied the cancelation rumors. He responded to a fan who feared about his employment status after the show was subjected to internal investigation with a positive note.

"Nobody is going off the air. And #GoKingsGo," he wrote on Twitter.

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres, pictured at an event for "One Big Happy" in mid-January, is launching a reality competition series on HGTV. "Ellen's Design Challenge" will premiere Monday. Reuters