The second most eye-catching event at Tesla's botched reveal of its new all-electric Cybertruck on Nov. 21, apart from the two cracked "armored glass" windows, was what CEO Elon Musk called the "Tesla Cyberquad ATV."

Tesla doesn't have an all-electric ATV and the very thought a prototype of such a machine exists is making Tesla fanboys drool. If Musk had announced then and there that pre-orders were also being taken for this ATV, pre-orders would have easily exceeded the more than 200,000 Cybertruck has received to date. After all, Musk referred to the ATV as a companion piece to Tesla Cybertruck.

At the end of the ignominious armored glass window fail, Musk got the audience to forget this disaster with his reveal of Cyberquad.

“We also made an ATV,” he said to audible gasps from the audience.

A four-wheel electric ATV then rolled onto the stage and onto the flat bed of Cybertruck. The ATV was then plugged into an outlet so it could charge off the truck’s battery pack.

Impressive, right? Yes, it was but only if the Cyberquad was designed from the ground up as an all-electric ATV. Which it wasn't.

It seems this baby Musk revealed is a Frankenstein monster consisting of a Yamaha Raptor 700R ATV chassis powered by an electric motor in place of its 686cc liquid-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine.

Not everyone was fooled by Tesla's sleight-of-hand, however.

"Kind of looks like Tesla did take the Yamaha Raptor ATV and stuck an electric motor in it and called it their own," tweeted Bozi Tatarevic.

The fact a Yamaha was used as the basis for this fake electric ATV led some to suggest Tesla and Yamaha might be partnering on an all-electric ATV. Not true.

However, a Yamaha spokesman ended all speculation, saying “we have no affiliation with the ATV concept Tesla recently unveiled, but it’s not surprising they might take cues from Yamaha’s Raptor 700, as it’s been the best-selling sport ATV for many years now.”

Tesla Cybertruck
A new Tesla Cybertruck image shows where the alleged hidden side cameras are located. Getty Images/Frederic J. BROWN