Hopes for Tesla Autopilot 8.0 update post are running low as CEO Elon Musk goes MIA on Twitter. Getty Images/Spencer Platt

Elon Musk may not be in hiding, but he is definitely missing in action on Twitter — the social networking site he usually frequents to tease consumers and his critics of his next move or hint at upcoming updates and whatnot. The last that we heard of him was he was going to publish a post that would introduce the Autopilot 8.0 update and clearly explain how the controversial Autopilot system really works. And that was a week ago.

On Sept. 1, the CEO of Tesla Motors took to Twitter to announce to his millions of followers that he was postponing his new blog post until the end of the weekend. He did this a day after sharing on the social networking site that he was writing the post and publishing it on Aug. 31. Unfortunately, Sunday came and there was no word from the business magnate. Labor Day Monday came — supposedly the deadline he set if he really intended to publish the blog post at the end of the three-day weekend — and still nothing. It’s already Thursday and we have yet to see a new post go live on Tesla’s official blog, where Musk published his master plan back for his carmaker back in July.

While Musk’s absence on social media could just be coincidental with the problems Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity are facing lately, this could also explain why the renowned visionary is staying out of the public eye — he could be working on a solution for all these problems before they get out hand.

On Thursday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Musk’s vision for SolarCity could be killed off by large investors as the issue on how shareholders should vote to approve acquisitions come to light. The issue, of course, arose as SolarCity was found to be a struggling energy services company that needs loads of cash to survive. For the most part, it’s good that Musk is the founder, CEO and biggest investor of Tesla Motors, so his plan to acquire SolarCity pushed through.

Nevertheless, the repercussion of the issue was instantly felt after it was revealed that a Tesla shareholder is suing Musk amid the latter’s move to purchase SolarCity using $2.6 billion of Tesla stocks, with TMZ learning that the shareholder has called Musk’s plan to be “outrageous, self-involved and irresponsible.” The documents of the suit also revealed that the problem sprung from the idea that Musk appears to be running Tesla like a privately owned company.

At the start of this month, Tesla and SolarCity stocks were found to have plunged by 5.3 percent and 9.1 percent, respectively. And on top of these problems, Musk’s SpaceX is facing a $49 million bill from Spacecom after the satellite manufactured for the former crashed recently. The Daily Mail has even learned directly from Spacecom that it does not want to work with SpaceX again until it sees improvements in how Musk’s company carries out safe flights.

Making matters worse for Musk is the emergence of Tesla crash reports every now and then. The latest of which was documented to have occurred in the Netherlands. Fortunately, it was found out that Autopilot has nothing to do with how the crash killed the driver, as reported by Sky News. After all, Tesla has yet to fully heal from the setbacks and the criticism it has been receiving ever since the first confirmed Tesla fatal car crash happened back in May.