Elon Musk has drawn a lot of attention since he accepted a position on President Donald Trump's business advisory council. The council, which meets once every one or two months, is meant to give the president access to experts in various fields so he can make informed decisions.

Musk has defended his position on the council since he was added to it. In February, he took to Twitter to defend the move saying the more moderates advising the president the better. A Monday night tweet shows Musk might be using his position for good. Musk tweeted he was hoping Trump would make a "positive decision" on the Paris climate agreement.

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Trump has changed his mind on the agreement several times. During his campaign, he vowed to "cancel" U.S. involvement in the historic climate deal. But just a few weeks after he won the election, he said he was going to keep an "open mind" about it. Since then he has put off making a decision despite Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt advocating for withdrawal.

Musk, however, hopes the discussions he and others on the council have had with Trump will help persuade him to continue U.S. involvement.

The agreement officially began in November just a few days before the election. It holds countries involved to the promise of reducing carbon emissions and curbing climate change. Trump, who previously called climate change a hoax, also called the nonbinding deal that has no penalties bad for the United States.

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In a TED Talk earlier this month, Musk further defended his participation on the council. When asked how he would respond to people who might want him to leave the council he said:

"First of all, I'm just on two advisory councils where the format consists of going around the room and asking people's opinion on things. And so there's like a meeting every month or two, you know, that's the sum total of my contribution," he said on stage during the talk, adding, "I mean I've used the meetings I've had thus far to argue in favor of immigration and in favor of climate change, and if I hadn't done that, that wasn't on the agenda before, so maybe nothing will happen but at least the words were said."

The first criticism Musk faced over his participation on the council came after Trump announced his travel ban. Musk announced on Twitter he was using his position to express his objections and offer alternatives. He also made it clear his participation was solely to get humanity closer to his goals of sustainable energy and making humans a multiplanetary species.