Who, or what, exactly is Piper (Alexa Swinton)? The wait to find out is almost over for “Emergence” fans.

The freshman ABC drama, which follows a police chief and those close to her working to protect a young child after finding her near a mysterious plane crash, is ready to give some answers to one of the show’s biggest mysteries.

The big revelation about Piper arrives on Tuesday with episode 3, and, in anticipation of the reveal, International Business Times spoke with the “Emergence” cast at New York Comic Con on Thursday to get the scoop on just how major this Season 1 episode, written by David H. Goodman and directed by Peter Leto, will be.

“Three was really fun… [and] pretty special,” Allison Tolman (Police Chief Jo Evans) told IBT.

“That was probably one of my favorites,” Swinton added of the episode, before Clancy Brown, who plays Jo’s father, Ed, revealed a little bit more about what makes it so special.

“This next [episode] coming up is really good. Every one of them just kind of unfolds bigger and bigger,” he told IBT at NYCC. “Because it starts out with this really fascinating mystery of who this girl is or what this girl is, and then, all of a sudden, you kind of get told that, but, by then, the mystery is so much bigger. It’s unfolding at a pace where you sort of got hooked on a little mystery but then the mysteries just get bigger and bigger.”

He continued, adding in a comparison to the long-running ABC show he had a small role on in 2006: “It’s not gonna be like ‘Lost’ where it’s an existential kind of thing at the end. It’s actually going to have a resolution, and it’s gonna have answers.”

emergence 103 spoilers original Find out who Piper (Alexa Swinton) is in episode 3 of ABC’s “Emergence.” Photo: ABC/Giovanni Rufino

While fans will have to wait another day until they can find out what precisely those answers are, Owain Yeoman (Benny) told a small group of reporters at the Comic Con event that the episode is “incredible” and “we are delivering quickly on our promises” of answers.

“This is not going to be a long, teased-out thing,” he said. “You’re gonna get answers, you’re gonna get critical answers, and I think that’s the success and the key of the show, is this delivery of information, very, very quickly.”

All of that adds up to the “Emergence” episode being a “key turning point” in the show and the overall mystery.

“I think [episode] 3 begins to set up and explain just exactly how we are all supposed to orbit around this mysterious kid,” Yeoman told IBT. “Because Piper is the center of this universe, and Jo is obviously at the heart of this investigation, and for my character, certainly, he takes on, not just a professional interest, but a much more [personal] interest as these episodes get on.”

Robert Bailey Jr. (Officer Chris Minetto) told IBT at the convention that, along with the “large reveal” happening, he’s excited for fans to meet some of the new characters in episode 3 because Chris will be interacting with them a lot in the following episode, which is a bigger episode for him and includes “a lot of fun moments” with those new characters.

In addition to what the cast could reveal about episode 3, here’s a little teaser from ABC about what else fans can expect from Tuesday’s new episode, titled “2 MG CU BID”:

“A mysterious illness takes hold of Piper, while Jo and Benny investigate a powerful tech mogul, Richard Kindred (guest star Terry O’Quinn). As Piper’s health deteriorates, Jo weighs accepting help from an unknown source. Meanwhile, Alex (Donald Faison) works to decipher a radio frequency code from Piper’s plane crash, and Ed has a follow-up oncology appointment.”

“Emergence” also stars Ashley Aufderheide (Mia Evans) and Zabryna Guevara (Abby Frasier). Along with O’Quinn, this episode guest stars Maria Dizzia (Emily) and Ptolemy Slocum (Ken).

Find out who Piper is when Season 1, episode 3 of “Emergence” airs on Tuesday on ABC at 10 p.m. EDT.