scream queens scoop
Emma Roberts teases that the upcoming horror-comedy "Scream Queens" will leave viewers in stitches. Reuters

“Scream Queens” is taking a campy cue from “American Horror Story: Coven.” According to reports, the upcoming Ryan Murphy miniseries, which is set to hit the small screen in fall 2015, will leave viewers laughing until their stomachs are in knots. Emma Roberts, who was cast to star in the new Fox project, bolstered that sentiment during her latest interview with Vulture.

“The show itself is more comedy,” Roberts explained to Vulture of Murphy’s new horror-comedy. “I literally was crying laughing when Ryan was telling me about it, and telling me some jokes on it.”

The actress then compared the funny first season of the anthology series to the third installment of the FX drama, “American Horror Story.”

“It's going to be a lot of girls, and it reminds me of ‘Coven’ in a way that it is just like having all that female energy on set," she dished to Vulture.

One of the females Roberts referenced is her co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, the horror movie veteran who appeared in the classic slasher film “Halloween.” Curtis will act alongside Roberts, in addition to two other young women who were given lead roles in the 15-episode series.

“Scream Queens,” which was co-created by Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Breanne, will focus the female-lead storyline around a college campus and the string of mysterious murders the university finds itself in the middle of.

“I knew I wanted to work with Brad and Ian again on something comedic, and we are having a blast writing ‘Scream Queens,’” Murphy teased details about the series to Deadline. “We hope to create a whole new genre – comedy-horror – and the idea is for every season to revolve around two female leads. We’ve already begun a nationwide search for those women, as well as 10 other supporting roles.”

Like “Scream Queens,” “Coven” also had a female-dominated cast and a school-based storyline. In “Coven,” which took place in New Orleans, the plot was set around Louisiana’s Miss Robichaux's Academy – a learning center for witches disguised as a boarding school for exceptional young ladies. At the school the supernatural girls were taught the history of their kind, how to control their abilities and how to keep their mystical bloodline alive from those trying to spill it.

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