It’ll be a little under a month before the third season of “Empire” returns, where fans will find out what happened in that fight between characters Rhonda and Anika, who brawled on a balcony in the season 2 finale.

In addition, viewers should see how Jamal is doing since he was shot at the fictitious American Sound Awards, and whether he’ll decide to sing again for his troubled family.

On Tuesday, actress Taraji P. Henson, 45, who plays matriarch Cookie Lyon, posted an Instagram photo with her co-stars Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Y. Gray and Trai Byers. The star told her fans to get ready for the season 3 premiere. 

As we previously reported, Henson confirmed that either characters Rhonda or Anika will pass away from the fight, but she wouldn’t give any additional clues. “Yeah, so someone dies,” confirmed the actress in an interview with Extra on Monday. She also said the cast members were shocked after reading the season 3 script, and they all talked about it with each other.

Earlier this month, the Washington D.C. born actress said Mariah Carey will be on the show this upcoming season, and she praised the veteran singer for her beauty and overall talent. “She was great,” said Henson while speaking at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, which was captured by Entertainment Weekly.

“She’s fabulous. She’s beautiful to look at. I wish I could wear a leotard like that. She brings a sense of what Mariah brings to the music industry. I’m grateful that she spent time with little old us,” she added.

In addition, Henson also talked about Taye Diggs joining the show, who’ll play the role of Angelo Dubois, a political activist that comes from a prominent family. She also said he’s incredibly humorous, which she didn't’ know. “Who knew Taye Diggs was so funny? said the “Empire” actress. “He’s a riot … I enjoy working with him, and he’s easy on the eye.” 

As Henson stated in her Instagram photo, the third season of the show will air on September 21 at 9:00 p.m. EST.