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Epic Games has launched its Epic Mega Sale to lure gamers to buy more titles from it. Those who purchase a lot of titles, however might end up getting more than new games -- their accounts might be blocked from buying.

Epic Games, owner of online game retailer Epic Store, has launched the Epic Mega Sale to entice more people to try and buy its titles, especially exclusives. It sells some titles at 75 percent less the original price, and gives $10 off some titles priced $14.99 and above. With this kind of sale, players can be expected to buy more than one title.

A report, however, shows that Epic itself prohibits players from buying too many titles. According to Game Revolution, a Twitch Streamer tried to buy several titles but got his account blocked due to Epic’s rules.

In a Twitter post, the Twitch streamer said he wanted to buy five games, all of them ranging from a mere $5 to $50. The Epic Store, however, stopped him from buying and flagged his account for being “possibly fraudulent.”

The streamer said the Epic Store tagged his account as suspicious simply because he bought a few titles separately, purchasing each title one at a time because “they don't have a cart.” After a few purchases, he was met with a dialog box box saying “Sorry, your account is blocked from making purchases. Please contact customer service.”

Epic’s senior PR officer told Game Revolution that what happened to the streamer was a result of the company’s “aggressive fraud rules.” He then advised everyone who experiences the same thing to contact player support so the issue can be investigated.


Gamers from everywhere reacted to the streamer’s story in a variety of ways, most of them making fun of the gaming company.

Many of them pointed out Epic’s mistake of putting many titles on sale and giving huge discounts for some titles, but failing to include a shopping cart that will allow them to purchase several titles at a time.

Kotaku noted that players buying too many titles during a sale on Steam might be “enough to get you a pile of shame.” On the Epic Store, however, it’s much more than that.

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